Brushes & Brats

Published On: June 4, 2022

The wait is over art fans. The 21st annual Paint Cedarburg event begins today.

The weeklong outdoor painting exhibition brings together 165 professional and amateur artists to ply their craft along the streets of Cedarburg and Ozaukee County.

We here at Drink Wisconsinbly are staunch supporters of many things, including the arts. Our enthusiasm for both local culture and creative expression got us wondering, can you tailgate before a “plein air” painting event?

It’s outside, there are spectators, and it’s Wisconsin, so why wouldn’t you pack a cooler and fire up the grill beforehand?

The event website doesn’t mention tailgating at all, so we naturally assume they’re cool with it.

So if your pregame muse inspires you to create your own beer and bratwurst masterpiece at Paint Cedarburg, let us know how it turns out. Unless you get fined. If that’s the case, we’ll deny everything.