Lick it Up

Published On: May 14, 2022

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS stopped by the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino this week for the groundbreaking of the newest location of their restaurant chain, Rock & Brews.

Traditionally, rockstars are known for their selfish behavior, so it’s fair to wonder what kind of hospitality they will provide. We turned to their music for possible insight into the Rock & Brews dining experience. Their song Lick It Up seemed like a good place to begin the analysis.

Let’s just be glad for the time together/Life’s such a treat and it’s time you taste it

Off to a good start. Sounds like Rock & Brews is a great place for friends to meet and enjoy a satisfying meal.

A line from I Was Made For Lovin’ You offered another clue:

Tonight, I want to give it all to you/In the darkness; there’s so much I want to do

Seems fair for patrons to expect large portions, soft lighting, and attentive service.

A cryptic line from Calling Dr. Love was a bit harder to decipher:

So if you please get on your knees/There are no bills, there are no fees

They’re probably not going to give food and drinks away for free but, with the benefit of a little artistic license, this excerpt suggests that Rock & Brews provides a great value. Only a crazy person wouldn’t enjoy that.

The restaurant is part of a larger development set for completion in spring of 2023. You can see how it measures up to the lyrical content of KISS then.