Prost to Pretzels

Published On: May 21, 2022

Regular readers know that we’re rather fond of life here in the Badger state. Somewhere on the laundry list of reasons is that it’s always kind of Oktoberfest here, even when it’s not Oktoberfest. And one company that helps provide that perennial oompah energy just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The Milwaukee Pretzel Company started in Germany when Katie and Matt Wessel were living in Munich. Although it didn’t begin as a company. It was simply an attempt at making the Bavarian pretzels they enjoyed so much during their time abroad.

Ten years and thousands of pretzels later, they’re pumping out their twisted gemütlichkeit 4,500 miles away, much to the delight of hungry people in Wisconsin and beyond.

So, prost to you, Milwaukee Pretzel Company! We don’t know what our non-beer-drinking hand would do without you.