But will there be enough beer?

Published On: August 6, 2022

Don’t get enough snow and ice in the wintertime? Viking Cruises announced a new voyage from Wisconsin to Antarctica, departing in September 2023.

The ship Viking Octantis will travel from Milwaukee to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world, before spending five days getting an early taste of winter in the waters around Antarctica.

The 70-day voyage costs a buzz-killing $49,995. However, that does include all “food, beer, and wine.” It also includes your flight home. Regardless, that is a lot of money to shell out when you consider the Milwaukee Zoo also has penguins, and it’s only like 15 bucks to get in.

But travel does broaden one’s worldview. So, for the benefit of those who may be on the fence about this adventure, we did some quick math to help nudge you aboard.

Breaking down the cost, it comes to roughly $715 per day. Say beers cost $9 each. (You are on vacation after all, and that’s when they get you.) By simply drinking 79.5 beers per day, the rest of the trip is essentially FREE! Mix in the cash prizes you’re sure to win in belly flop contests, and you’ll actually make money on the cruise.

If tickets weren’t selling fast before, they certainly will be once this airtight data hits the streets. Better book your passage now at the Viking website.