Virginia dogs find a better life in Wisconsin

Virginia dogs find a better life in Wisconsin
Published On: July 30, 2022

Wisconsin got 62 adorable new residents this past week after a large-scale rescue of beagles from a facility in Virginia brought the dogs here. They are just a few of nearly 4,000 taken from the shady breeder.

Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) helped find fosters for nine mothers and 53 puppies. They managed to examine and find fosters for all the dogs in less than two hours. Now, presumably, their tails are wagging much faster than ever before.

Once the puppies have grown large enough and are fully healthy, they will need permanent homes. So if you’re in the market for a best friend, be sure to keep an eye on the WHS website.

The Drink Wisconsinbly Week in Review is a staunchly pro-dog newsletter. And that’s not just lip service. We’re willing to back up this bold stance by offering free dog-naming service to anybody who adopts one of the 62 buddies in question.

Just reach out once you’ve adopted your lucky pup and we’ll give it a unique, Wisconsin-centric name. Something along the lines of Snit, Barky Badger or Giannis Antetokounmpup, but better.

While you wait to take advantage of this generous offer, you can pass the time by contributing to the care of the beagles here.