Brandy Cocktails

Make any hour happy hour with Drink Wisconsinbly!

Drink Wisconsinbly Brandy

You got yourself a fine bottle of Drink Wisconsinbly Brandy, so you’re well on your way great cocktail. Now it’s time to mix it up. Here are a few drink ideas to get the party started. Pour one for you and a friend, and then toast to the good life in Wisconsin.

No bartender? No problem. Here are a few of our favorite quick and tasty DW Brandy cocktail concoctions…

DW Brandy Cider

Irish coffee glass
1.5 oz DW Brandy
8 oz of your favorite local apple cider
Garnish with a cinnamon stick

Drink Wisconsinbly Brandy Cider

DW Brandy & Ginger Ale

16 oz pint glass
2 oz DW Brandy
Sprecher Ginger Ale
Garnish with lemon wheel

DW Brandy White Russian

12 oz rocks glass
1 oz DW Brandy
1 oz Kalua
1 oz Heavy Cream (float on top of Brandy and Kalua)
Drink Wisconsinbly Brandy White Russian

DW Brandy Wisconsin Connection

12 oz rocks glass
1.5 oz DW Brandy
.75 oz Amaretto Disaronno
Gently stir
Garnish with a maraschino cherry
Drink Wisconsinbly Brandy Wisconsin Connection