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  • Unstoppable Holiday Cheer

    We're not privy to the setlist, but we're going to go ahead and assume there will be a healthy dose of holiday standards.

    Published On: November 25, 2023Categories: Articles
  • Explore Wisconsinbly with Mary Mack: The Drink Wisconsinbly Pub

    Mary visits the Drink Wisconsinbly Pub in Milwaukee. She gets the nickel tour and learns where she can and can't drink a beer in the Deer District.

    Published On: December 14, 2022Categories: Videos
  • All Santa, No Sleigh

    The holiday season shifts into overdrive next Saturday (12/3) when the Wisconsin Bike Fed's Santa Cycle Rampage takes to the streets of Milwaukee.

    Published On: November 26, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Ruff Landing

    A crisis was narrowly averted when an airplane carrying three people and 53 dogs crashed on a golf course in Delafield on Tuesday. Thankfully, all the people and the pups were okay.

    Published On: November 19, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Explore Wisconsinbly with Mary Mack: Woodland Dance Troop

    Mary Mack visits the Woodland Dance Troop in Hayward.

    Published On: November 18, 2022Categories: Videos
  • Wisconsinbly Cares: Spooner Hatchery

    Ryan "Wally" Walther visits the Spooner Hatchery to find out how fishes are made.

    Published On: November 9, 2022Categories: Videos
  • Jerk Steals Coach’s Car

    In news that sent palms hurtling toward faces all over the state, Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer had his car stolen on Tuesday night in Milwaukee. Police said his car was parked near Second and Florida streets in Walker's Point when it was taken. It was discovered a couple of

    Published On: November 5, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Explore Wisconsinbly with Mary Mack: Powell’s on Round Lake

    Mary visited Powell's on beautiful Round Lake in Hayward. Fantastic food, a great patio, friendly staff, and loads of fun things to do.

    Published On: November 3, 2022Categories: Videos
  • Milwaukee: Global Destination

    The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting colder temperatures and more snow in Wisconsin. And, according to National Geographic, you can also expect a noticeable increase in roving groups of people with fanny packs and cameras in the eastern part of the state next year. The publication named Milwaukee as one

    Published On: October 29, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Explore Wisconsinbly with Mary Mack: Moccasin Bar

    Mary visits the Moccasin Bar in Hayward. And nothing says Hayward Wisconsin like beer and taxidermy. And different taxidermy animals drinking beer.

    Published On: October 28, 2022Categories: Videos
  • New, Nameless Soccer Franchise

    It was announced this week that there's another reason to tailgate coming to Wisconsin. Milwaukee has been awarded a United Soccer League franchise to begin play in 2025. The professional team will play in the Iron District, a new development coming to downtown Milwaukee that features an 8,000-seat outdoor soccer

    Published On: October 22, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Explore Wisconsinbly: 3rd Annual Curd Fest

    We had a barrel of fun at our 3rd Annual Curd Fest at the Drink Wisconsinbly Pub in Milwaukee. The beers were brewin' and the fryers were fryin'. Host and curd lover Eric Wielo had a mic and did some things. And those things were very entertaining. See you next

    Published On: October 20, 2022Categories: Videos
  • Bobby Portis Rolls for Charity

    A sellout crowd at Landmark Lanes in Milwaukee was treated to a high-stakes bowl-off last night. Bucks forward and unofficial mayor of Milwaukee, Bobby Portis, squared off against Drink Wisconsinbly's accountant, Al, in a long-awaited grudge match. While we're not one hundred percent sure how these two developed a grudge,

    Published On: October 15, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Das Beste Oktoberfest

    The fall harvest fest known as Das Beste is underway in La Crosse. Oktoberfest USA is the longest-running event of its kind in the midwest and expects to host over 150,000 visitors over the course of its run. So what makes it Das Beste? They have all the usual Oktoberfesty

    Published On: October 1, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Explore Wisconsinbly with Mary Mack: Hughes’ Chocolates

    Mary finds her way to Oshkosh to meet the Hughes' Chocolates family. Everyone in that basement was in a good mood and Mary denies being strung out on chocolate.

    Published On: September 29, 2022Categories: Videos
  • Shipping off to Boston

    The tall ship Denis Sullivan is setting sail for Boston in October. Unfortunately, it's not coming back. No, we didn't have a premonition about an ill-fated excursion led by a maniacal captain hellbent on revenge against the whale who bit off his leg on a previous voyage, the vessel has

    Published On: September 17, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Fish Wisconsinbly with Jeff Evans: Smallmouth Bass in Door County

    Mike Daubner joins Jeff to explore beautiful Door County and fish for bass one of his favorite little ponds... Lake Michigan. Sponsored by Rapala ( #ExploreWisconsinbly #FishWisconsinbly #rapala #wisconsin #doorcounty #lakemichigan

    Published On: September 16, 2022Categories: Videos
  • Wisconsin Pocket Jackpot

    Wait! Before you drop that quarter into that pinball machine, take a close look at the back. It could be worth several hundred additional credits. A TikTok video making the rounds has brought attention to an error on the 2004 Wisconsin quarter from the US Mint's 50 State Quarters Program,

    Published On: September 10, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Explore Wisconsinbly with Mary Mack: Bloody Mary Fest

    Mary makes her way to the Bloody Mary Fest to mingle with the locals and taste some of Milwaukee's best bloodys. And she stole our cheese curds. #ExploreWisconsinbly #drinkwisconsinbly #wisconsin #milwaukee #bloodymary #bloodymaryfest #fiservforum #deerdistrict

    Published On: September 8, 2022Categories: Videos
  • Wisconsin Guy Leads Leeds

    A Wisconsin man is causing a commotion in Europe. And, we're happy to report, it's the good kind. Jesse Marsch from Racine is the manager of the English Premier League club Leeds United, that is currently the surprise story of the season. The team has started hot with two wins

    Published On: August 27, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Supper Clubbin’ with Mark Tauscher: Shady Grove

    Mark recently visited Shady Grove in Ellsworth and met two of the coolest owners ever, Bridget and Shane Pruitt. They chat about family and local farm-to-table sourcing, cheese curds, prime rib, and, of course, old fashioneds. #supperclubbin #wisconsin #ellsworth #supperclub #oldfashioned #dwbrandy #explorewisconsinbly

    Published On: August 26, 2022Categories: Videos
  • Mack on the Mic: Pete’s Garage

    Comedian Mary Mack, along with her traveling suitcase stage visits Pete's Garage Bar in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. She gave an impromptu VitaLife presentation to unsuspecting bar patrons. Owner Pete probably regrets letting us in, but he still sat down with us to give us the history of his fine establishment. #ExploreWisconsinbly

    Published On: August 13, 2022Categories: Videos
  • CYOF the BYOB of Gardening

    The Drink Wisconsinbly Week in Review Editorial Board has a reputation for being a rather rough and tumble operation. With its regular output of articles on topics such as beer drinking, ice fishing, and meat eating, it's natural to imagine it as the organizational equivalent of Dalton from Roadhouse driving

    Published On: August 13, 2022Categories: Articles
  • But will there be enough beer?

    Don't get enough snow and ice in the wintertime? Viking Cruises announced a new voyage from Wisconsin to Antarctica, departing in September 2023. The ship Viking Octantis will travel from Milwaukee to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world, before spending five days getting an early taste of winter

    Published On: August 6, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Virginia dogs find a better life in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin got 62 adorable new residents this past week after a large-scale rescue of beagles from a facility in Virginia brought the dogs here. They are just a few of nearly 4,000 taken from the shady breeder. Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) helped find fosters for nine mothers and 53 puppies.

    Published On: July 30, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Explore Wisconsinbly: Rick Wilcox Magic Theater

    Comedian Mary Mack takes a magical journey with Rick and Susan Wilcox in the most magical place in the world... the Wisconsin Dells.  Since opening their 550-seat Wisconsin Dells theater in 1999, master illusionists Rick & Suzan Wilcox have entertained & amazed thousands of families. Their award-winning show has become

    Published On: July 29, 2022Categories: Videos
  • Fish Wisconsinbly: Crappie fishing in Hayward with Guest Joe Thomas

    We're excited to launch our new Fish Wisconsinbly series. Our first episode focuses on Crappie fishing in Wisconsin, with host Jeff Evans. Jeff is a professional fishing guide who was born and raised in Hayward, Wisconsin and has more than three decades of guiding experience. He has appeared on shows

    Published On: July 22, 2022Categories: Videos
  • Underwater Book Club: Walleye Edition

    A man hailing from Wisconsin has written a book about walleye, which, well, seems about right. It's natural to assume it's a noir thriller about a streetwise walleye detective who, after taking on a beautiful Bluegill with a dark secret as a client, gets caught up in a series of

    Published On: July 16, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Supper Clubbin’ with Mark Tauscher: Jake’s Supper Club

    Mark recently visited Jake's Supper Club in Menomonie on the shores of Tainter Lake. Famous old fashioneds, mouth watering walleye, savory prime rib and a tiki bar, of course. • #supperclubbin #wisconsin #menomonie #supperclub #dwbrandy #tikibar #explorewisconsinbly • Created by Drink Wisconsinbly in collaboration with doc|UWM at the University

    Published On: July 10, 2022Categories: Videos
  • Floating Watering Hole

    If you've ever wondered what would happen if you combined a pontoon with a corner bar, you can find the answer along the Wisconsin River near Plover. The Sandbar is a floating watering hole docked at Ridgewood on the River, an RV camping resort on the Biron Flowage. The 35-seat

    Published On: July 9, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Aged Meats

    This week, we are celebrating a very special birthday. No, not America's. But this honoree is nearly as beloved around these parts, The Old Wisconsin sausage company is turning 75. The Sheboygan-based business has been producing cased meats since the Truman administration. Since then, their products have satisfied travelers on long drives, silenced

    Published On: July 2, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Asian Carp Glow-up

    A PR campaign began this week with the aim of rebranding Asian Carp with a more appetizing name in the hope that people will be more inclined to eat the invasive fish. The test program will measure whether calling them "Copi" will lure diners into choosing them over entrees with

    Published On: June 25, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Big Letters Come Home

    The giant letters that once hung outside Milwaukee County Stadium were purchased by the Milwaukee Brewers recently. The 22 eight-foot letters had been in the hands of collectors since the team made the move to Miller Park in 2001. The Milwaukee Brewers say they aren't sure what they will be

    Published On: June 18, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Summertime Swim

    Now that it's summertime in Wisconsin and the last of the ice on our lakes has finally melted, you may have the urge to do some swimming. If that's the case, you've got a long way to go to catch Melodee Liegl of Delafield. This mother of three is a

    Published On: June 11, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Brushes & Brats

    The wait is over art fans. The 21st annual Paint Cedarburg event begins today. The weeklong outdoor painting exhibition brings together 165 professional and amateur artists to ply their craft along the streets of Cedarburg and Ozaukee County. We here at Drink Wisconsinbly are staunch supporters of many things, including the arts. Our

    Published On: June 4, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Cheers to the Weekends

    Memorial Day in Wisconsin marks the unofficial start of summer, so while you may just be settling into this weekend, it's not too soon to be thinking about the next. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Free Fun Weekend is coming up on June 4th and 5th, with all required

    Published On: May 28, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Prost to Pretzels

    Regular readers know that we're rather fond of life here in the Badger state. Somewhere on the laundry list of reasons is that it's always kind of Oktoberfest here, even when it's not Oktoberfest. And one company that helps provide that perennial oompah energy just celebrated its 10th anniversary. The

    Published On: May 21, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Lick it Up

    Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS stopped by the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino this week for the groundbreaking of the newest location of their restaurant chain, Rock & Brews. Traditionally, rockstars are known for their selfish behavior, so it's fair to wonder what kind of hospitality they will provide.

    Published On: May 14, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Street Magic

    If you've ever burned a few hours watching crazy dashcam videos, you know the best ones come from faraway places. But a mind-bending clip making the rounds online this week was captured by a driver right here in Wisconsin. A man entering Milwaukee's Kilbourn Tunnel thought he was approaching a

    Published On: May 7, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Explore Wisconsinbly with Mary Mack: A World of Accordions Museum

    Mary visits the Harrington Arts Center in Superior to learn everything there is to know about accordions.

    Published On: May 6, 2022Categories: Videos
  • Get the Hell Outta Here, Ice

    Fish in northern Wisconsin are thrilled by the news that some lakes could still be covered with ice for the opener next week. We, humans, are less excited. Everybody knows that winter tends to overstay its welcome here in the Upper Midwest, but screwing up our rites of spring is

    Published On: April 30, 2022Categories: Articles