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  • Wisconsin, America’s Ireland

    With all due respect to The Pogues, Shamrock Shakes, novelty foam top hats, party beads, and St. Patrick himself; that’s enough for now.

    Published On: March 17, 2023Categories: Articles
  • Drop anchor, Lift drink

    Parrots must remain on captains’ shoulders at all times. No bloodthirsty pirates allowed.

    Published On: March 10, 2023Categories: Articles
  • This is not a drill: super pig invasion

    If these elusive and ingenious super pigs want to mix it up on our turf, we can look forward to lots of all-you-can-eat specials on super bacon, super pork chops, and, of course, super al pastor tacos.

    Published On: March 4, 2023Categories: Articles
  • Welcome, fish fry season

    Of course, the Friday fish fry isn’t unique to Wisconsin, but it is certainly where it’s been raised to an art form.

    Published On: February 24, 2023Categories: Articles
  • It’s a Sausagebration

    As everybody knows, Fred Usinger would have wanted as many people as possible to share in the holiday bounty.

    Published On: February 17, 2023Categories: Articles
  • Cheese Dreams

    A company called Sleep Junkie is looking for cheese aficionados to participate in a study. And they’re ready to pay $1000 for something many Wisconsinites do already for free.

    Published On: January 28, 2023Categories: Articles
  • Mixed Bag of Flags

    The North American Vexillology Association recently conducted a survey, grading flags from cities and towns around the country. The good news for Wisconsin is that Madison got an A.

    Published On: January 14, 2023Categories: Articles
  • Go Donuts Go!

    If the machines ever do rise up at some point in the future and wrest control of Earth from us humans, they'll be wise to take a cue from their compatriots currently toiling at Lambeau Field and give away free donuts.

    Published On: January 7, 2023Categories: Articles
  • All Santa, No Sleigh

    The holiday season shifts into overdrive next Saturday (12/3) when the Wisconsin Bike Fed's Santa Cycle Rampage takes to the streets of Milwaukee.

    Published On: November 26, 2022Categories: Articles
  • It Could Be Your Basement’s Lucky Day

    Stop hanging your head in shame and start entering the Drink Wisconsinbly Basement Makeover Sweepstakes, sponsored by Kwik Trip.

    Published On: February 4, 2023Categories: Articles
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  • Ruff Landing

    A crisis was narrowly averted when an airplane carrying three people and 53 dogs crashed on a golf course in Delafield on Tuesday. Thankfully, all the people and the pups were okay.

    Published On: November 19, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Jerk Steals Coach’s Car

    In news that sent palms hurtling toward faces all over the state, Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer had his car stolen on Tuesday night in Milwaukee. Police said his car was parked near Second and Florida streets in Walker's Point when it was taken. It was discovered a couple of

    Published On: November 5, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Milwaukee: Global Destination

    The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting colder temperatures and more snow in Wisconsin. And, according to National Geographic, you can also expect a noticeable increase in roving groups of people with fanny packs and cameras in the eastern part of the state next year. The publication named Milwaukee as one

    Published On: October 29, 2022Categories: Articles
  • New, Nameless Soccer Franchise

    It was announced this week that there's another reason to tailgate coming to Wisconsin. Milwaukee has been awarded a United Soccer League franchise to begin play in 2025. The professional team will play in the Iron District, a new development coming to downtown Milwaukee that features an 8,000-seat outdoor soccer

    Published On: October 22, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Bobby Portis Rolls for Charity

    A sellout crowd at Landmark Lanes in Milwaukee was treated to a high-stakes bowl-off last night. Bucks forward and unofficial mayor of Milwaukee, Bobby Portis, squared off against Drink Wisconsinbly's accountant, Al, in a long-awaited grudge match. While we're not one hundred percent sure how these two developed a grudge,

    Published On: October 15, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Das Beste Oktoberfest

    The fall harvest fest known as Das Beste is underway in La Crosse. Oktoberfest USA is the longest-running event of its kind in the midwest and expects to host over 150,000 visitors over the course of its run. So what makes it Das Beste? They have all the usual Oktoberfesty

    Published On: October 1, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Shipping off to Boston

    The tall ship Denis Sullivan is setting sail for Boston in October. Unfortunately, it's not coming back. No, we didn't have a premonition about an ill-fated excursion led by a maniacal captain hellbent on revenge against the whale who bit off his leg on a previous voyage, the vessel has

    Published On: September 17, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Wisconsin Pocket Jackpot

    Wait! Before you drop that quarter into that pinball machine, take a close look at the back. It could be worth several hundred additional credits. A TikTok video making the rounds has brought attention to an error on the 2004 Wisconsin quarter from the US Mint's 50 State Quarters Program,

    Published On: September 10, 2022Categories: Articles
  • Wisconsin Guy Leads Leeds

    A Wisconsin man is causing a commotion in Europe. And, we're happy to report, it's the good kind. Jesse Marsch from Racine is the manager of the English Premier League club Leeds United, that is currently the surprise story of the season. The team has started hot with two wins

    Published On: August 27, 2022Categories: Articles
  • CYOF the BYOB of Gardening

    The Drink Wisconsinbly Week in Review Editorial Board has a reputation for being a rather rough and tumble operation. With its regular output of articles on topics such as beer drinking, ice fishing, and meat eating, it's natural to imagine it as the organizational equivalent of Dalton from Roadhouse driving

    Published On: August 13, 2022Categories: Articles